Can You Share a Twitter Video On Facebook?
June 4, 2023

Can You Share a Twitter Video On Facebook?

Open the Twitter video you want to share in your web browser.
Right-click on the video and select “Copy video address” or “Copy video URL.” This will copy the link of the Twitter video to your clipboard.
Open a new tab or window in your web browser and go to Facebook (
Sign in to your Facebook account if you’re not already logged in.
On your Facebook homepage, click on “What’s on your mind?” or “Create a post” to start creating a new post.
In the post creation box, paste the Twitter video link that you copied earlier. Facebook will automatically recognize the link and generate a preview of the Twitter video.
Once the preview appears, you can add a caption or any additional text to your Facebook post.
Choose the audience for your post (e.g., Public, Friends, Only Me) using the audience selector dropdown.
If desired, you can also tag friends, add location, or include other media to your Facebook post.
Finally, click the “Post” button to share the Twitter video on your Facebook timeline.
Following these steps, you’ll be able to manually share a Twitter video on Facebook.

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